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The Jonjak Family would like to welcome you to Blue Mountain Bison. Whether you're interested in finding out about buffalo, buying some for your ranch from our award winning stock, adding some buffalo meat to your menu, or hunting on our beautiful bison ranch, we can help with all your bison needs.
Blue Mountain Bison is a Bison ranch located in the foothills of Colorado. With five thousand acres of rugged terrain including open fields of mountain grass, aspen, ponderosa pine and the north fork of the Little Thompson river, Blue Mountain Bison is a picture perfect place for buffalo to roam.

Bison on the Ranch

We are a conveniently located just an hour north of Denver and 15 miles west of interstate I25. Blue Mountain Bison is east of Rocky Mountain National park and borders the Roosevelt National Forest with its millions of pristine acres. You are guaranteed privacy with our buffalo, elk, and mule deer that roam the ranch.

We have been in business for over decade, and you can trust our experience with bison. We know buffalo and actively participate to further the education, marketing and the idea of bringing bison back to the plains. Blue Mountain can help you get into the bison business, share bison information, or provide you with a wonderful hunt experience. We are here for all your buffalo needs.

We enjoy sharing information about bison, bison ranching, bison hunting and bison meat and by-products you are always welcome to contact us and chat bison.

For more information on purchasing bison or bison meat, or on bison hunts, contact our Business Manager, Katherine Jonjak

{mailbox}Email Katherine or Call (303) 823-0640

or Write: Blue Mountain Bison, P.O. Box 1460 Lyons, CO 80540